Meet Rahima: The Newest Member to the Mojo Young Designers Network

Mojo-Fashions welcomes Rahima to the Mojo Family. What inspires Rahima? Read her bio below:

I became interested in fashion purely as a creative outlet. I was more fascinated with the idea of envisioning something and then making it a tangible reality. In a way, it’s the channeling of all the wildly creative and personal contraptions of the mind, the translation of idea to object.

There has always something more to fashion for me than the simple materialistic sensation surrounding it. I find each design and each garment should be something personally expressive. People are always trying to define their selves in any ways they can, with words, thoughts, ideology, labels, verbal expressions, etc. But physical appearance is one manner of translating what is internalized that shows that what can’t be said is as equally as important as what can. Whether your ‘fashion’ is head to toe glitter, average Joe jeans, or all black all the way, it’s still synonymous with a form of human expression.

My inspiration comes from potentially anything. This could be a thought, a small detail on a calender, the moulding on a building, ripples in water, an idea, a street corner, or an expression on a face. I really appreciate unconventionality in design, and the idea of using unusual objects to develop an garment.

With fashion specifically, my interest is not weighted more in textiles, pattern making, garment construction, color theory, or any other area. It is almost purely based in the idea behind it. I use all aspects of design equally to assist me in crafting that idea.

I enjoy painting, film, philosophy, psychology, and other forms of artistic expression as well. I sometimes think all of these interests bleed into one another in weird ways.

I’m not sure what my goal is when I graduate, or what career I want to specifically pursue, but likely something in design that will allow me flexibility to indulge my never-ending and ever-changing interests in other things as well.


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