Mojo-Fashions welcomes its newest Sr. Designer: Fara Topolsky

Fara Topolsky: Newest member of the Mojo family

Fara Topolsky: Newest member of the Mojo family

Mojo-Fashions extends a warm welcome to it’s newest designer! Fara currently attends Stevenson University as a Fashion Design studen. Keep an eye out for her amazing designs to be sold as a part of our Spring collection.

About Fara:

I have been a clothing designer for more than 20 years. Initially, my models consisted of my stuffed animal collection while I was still in grade school, but I genuinely considered myself to be a fashion designer nonetheless. I went into my mother’s sewing bin, confiscated small scraps of material, and taped them around every bear, bunny, and kitten I could find. Dressing them in clothes that had been created by someone else gave me no real sense of enjoyment; I alone wanted to be the one who decided exactly what they should be wearing. From there, my passion for the fashion world has evolved into designing garments for human beings, which has not only become a focus for my career, it has also been a great source of relief to my mother and her sewing supplies.

I have always taken pleasure in creating and viewing various art forms such as drawings, paintings, crafts, and sculptures. For me, the fashion world is a form of functional art where I have the ability to express my artistic nature while helping the people who wear my garments be more self-satisfied in the way they look. I find sources of inspiration everywhere in the world around me such as my favorite comic-book villains, architecture from other countries, palm trees and relaxing tropical scenes that I frequently fantasize about visiting in person. I take a great deal of enjoyment in using my innate inspiration and developed skills to create beautiful, and functional, works of art.


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