An Inside Look: The Real Sweatshops of Cambodia

This is important. Very important. We need to all take responsibility for not only our designs but how and where they are manufactured! #ethical manufacturing #mojo-fashions

Individual Empowerment

Individual empowerment requires taking action to make the world a healthier place for others, not just ourselves!

Fashion bloggers in the Netherlands were given the chance to see where their clothing originates by working in sweatshops. Check it out:

Do you LOVE fashion, but dislike the unsustainable fashion industry? I do. Expressing ourselves with fashion is a fun and healthy way to enjoy life. But the fashion industry is all about appearances, not expression and that’s unhealthy. This is one of many reasons why I didn’t follow through with a career in fashion. Mass produced fashion is an industry that is unhealthy, unsustainable and basically pointless. As someone who used to love shopping for sales so I could have trendy clothes I no longer want any part of it. I hardly shop at all these days. I prefer to buy second-hand or sustainable made clothing when it’s affordable.

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