Urban Outfitters in Hot Water….Again

Depression? Really?

I normally try to stay away from controversy and politics, but as an owner of a children’s clothing company, I feel we have a responsibility to protect children and create clothing that promotes a positive self image. I am personally disgusted by #Urban Outfitters t-shirt promoting depression. While they have agreed to take the product off the shelves, the fact that they manufactured the product in the first place shows the company’s insensitivity and focus more on profits than on caring.

Urban Outfitters Pulls Depression T off the shelf

Urban Outfitters Pulls Depression T off the shelf

Check out this article on Fashionista!



The True Cost of Fashion x

Cost of fashion

This is a fantastic article posted on the Mason Bentley Style WordPress blog about the true cost of going from concept to production to the consumer. Is it any wonder that it is so difficult for designers to get lines launched and to make money? Thank you Mason for bringing this to our attention.

The True Cost of Fashion x.

Robotic Mannequins? How far will stores go?


Have you ever suspected store mannequins of knowing more than they let on? It might not be just your imagination. Italian company ,Almax has developed a $5,000 bionic mannequin that employs the same type of facial-recognition software used to identify criminals in a crowd. Equipped with cameras in their eye sockets, the “EyeSee” dummies are designed to profile shoppers by age, gender, and race in much the same way online merchants do. The data, according to Almax, can help stores tailor their offerings, window displays, and even store layouts to appeal to their customer base and help boost sales. Our take? We agree that it’s more than a little creepy to have robots watch—not to mention record—your every move